Graphic noting which states buy the largest diamonds.


Is the next step in your relationship an engagement? Are you at that stage where you find yourself looking at rings online during your spare time? Do you secretly have a ring picked out? Have you gone as far as showing it to your potential fiance? The good news is that rocks continue to get bigger. The other thing to consider is that some states are known for going big so you might consider moving if you're enamored with the thought of a huge diamond carat ring.

According to  "Over the past five years, large diamonds have been as popular as ever. The average diamond carat size was a remarkable .92 carat. Topping off the list for big diamonds was, surprisingly, the little state of Hawaii, where the average carat size peaked at 1.2 carats. More modestly, Vermont sales indicated an average carat size of under 0.7 carat among diamond ring purchases."
How much is this gonna set you back?, Shaneco suggest checking out  Budget Buddy, our engagement ring calculator, to get your dream ring at a reasonable price. Check out how Idaho compares to other states below.

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