One of Boise's most famous bars has announced they will offer tests to customers to ensure that their drinks aren't drugged. We've all seen and read reports concerning certain date rape drugs are slipped into drinks during a night on the town.  

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KTVB reports that the club hasn't had an incident that caused the club to implement the tests. The club told KTVB that this test was designed to help customers feel a sense of security while enjoying a night on the town. The Balcony Club is known for its dazzling attractions and has been on several lists as one of the must-see experiences while visiting Boise. 

The test is from Drink Safe Technologies. You drop some of your drink on the card, and the card will detect a drug by changing color. Customers can request a card from a staff member if they suspect something is in their drink from the KTVB report.  

Date rape drugs are a national problem. According to WYMT, one tip led police to a drug store in Charlotte, N.C., where they found a box of date rape drugs and drug paraphernalia. Police seized around 20 pounds of the date rape drug GHB and seized other drugs, including Ecstasy, and alcohol. The drugs were found by hardworking police who found them in the store's bathroom.  

It's not just one date rape drug that has law enforcement worried across the country. reports there's a new drug that is sold under the names of “love drugs” and “party drugs” and is said to be up to five times as powerful as GHB, the party drug. 

Perhaps more bars will follow Balcony's example?  

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