These days, you can never go a moment without hearing about the rift between two states: Idaho and California.  When it comes down to coexisting, we don't think that the two states actually have any beef at all--however, folks from each of the two respective states always seem to have something to say about one another.

Many Californians love Idaho because of all that we have to offer--and many more will often sarcastically say that they are "political refugees" looking to live in a more conservative state. Idahoans, no matter their political affiliation, know that some of the best activities in the whole world are just minutes away in our backyard.

What's not to love?

If you spend much time around the Boise River and look up--you may be one of the lucky residents to see a Bald Eagle flying around. The massive and regal birds are a national treasure and not everyone can say these are in their backyard.

Miles away in California, there is an unbelievable live stream of some Bald Eagles much like the ones you might catch in Idaho. It's part of the works of Friends of Big Bear Valley group--and Big Bear Valley is where historically, Bald Eagles spend their winters. The camera feed is amazing.

Take a look at what viewers can watch in literal, real time from anywhere on the globe! 

Insane Bald Eagle Footage Captured on YouTube

Take a look at what goes on inside of a Bald Eagle nest!

Isn't that view amazing!? Check out the live stream below: 

Idaho is home to many beautiful birds! 

Birds You are Likely to See in Idaho

Ever curious what birds you are seeing out your kitchen window or around town? Scroll through to see photos of common birds seen around the gem state, starting with the Idaho state bird.

A look at Peregrine Falcon

A number of views of the majestic Peregrine Falcon.

Water Fowl Birds on the Boise River


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