There is no animal more associated with the United States of America than the Bald Eagle. How lucky are we, here in Idaho, to be able to have an entire LIST of places to see these regal birds?

As reported by KREM 2 News, late November to mid-December are the best times to catch bald eagles in their peak.

Bald Eagle Spotting in Idaho

We're lucky here in Idaho to be home to so many national treasures. From our rivers that bring rafters and kayakers from around to the world to our ski resorts known for only the best slopes. It isn't uncommon to cross paths with a deer, an elk, a bear, or a potato field--things so special and foreign to those on the "outside" of state lines. One of the nation's most romanticized birds, the Bald Eagle, finds a home here in Idaho as well and if you didn't already know, there are plenty of places that you can go to spot them this time of year.

If you decide to check out any of these great places to look for Bald Eagles, wildlife experts encourage the following:

  • Use binoculars so you can see the details of the eagles without needing to get too close
  • Park and hike in to the areas so your loud vehicle doesn't disturb them or scare them away
  • You will be able to tell if you're bothering them by their body language-- give them some space!

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