I had a date night a few evenings ago with my man Kris at Barbacoa near downtown Boise. Even though Kris grew up here, he had never been. I had been twice before with people from work and love it. It has a very cool vibe that is hard to describe. Since it was a Tuesday evening I didn't think that reservations were needed, boy was I wrong.

It was busy as could be and buzzing with happy night life. Since I failed to pre arrange a table, we ended up eating and drinking at the bar which was awesome in its own right. He got the ribeye that came out sizzling on a hot stone so he could cook it to his liking. Our server even gave us a little fire show with the crème sauce. I got the Paella which was recommended from the bartender. So good and made fantastic left overs.

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I have never been disappointed with the food or service there. It is a little steeper price point. Barbacoa is obviously doing well, not just from my surprise at being packed on a Tuesday night but the owner is branching out and opening another restaurant in Downtown Boise that is sure to be marvelous as well. Martine Castoro and her family bought the space where El Gallo Giro on Main Street used to be. According to boisedev, Martine's son Nikolai Castoro will take the lead on the new venture. The place is getting a fancy overhaul and will soon be Coa de Jima. 


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