BBQ on a budget... Is there such a thing? Yes and I discovered it today.

Have you ever craved something but you either don't know how to cook it or don't have the budget to walk into a restaurant. BBQ tends to be expensive and from to time I need my share of brisket and ribs with a good mac & cheese. You can't forget some green beans and taters to round out the meal.

The last time I sat down at Good Wood I spent close to $50 and while I love BBQ that is a little much for my wallet so I've been on a quest to find BBQ on a budget and today I found it. Big K BBQ is a small family owned spot, some people like to call these type of places "holes in the walls" and the're typically tucked away on a small street or somewhere on a back road but not Big K BBQ. This little gem is located on a major street and you've probably driven by it a thousand time and didn't even notice it. Big K is located on 34th and Chinden in Garden City and they offer an all you can eat BBQ lunch including 15 different items plus a drink for 14.95. Better than the price is the FOOD. I was pleasantly surprised and frankly went back for seconds. As I walked in I was greeted by a kind woman who said " I make all the sides myself, seat yourself and eat as much as you like"

BBQ on a budget is one thing, Delicious BBQ on a budget is another and Big K BBQ has it for you.

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