Is anyone else afraid to sign-up, text, and even send an email in 2018? How many times do we hear about a breach or hacking situation?

Let's take it back to the old school! Have you received odd phone calls recently? This one is coming directly to your phone by way of phony law enforcement. Read on.

I just saw this posted on Ada County's Facebook page and I remember hearing this story from our promotions director who just went through this. Beware if you get this call.

If you receive a phone call from law enforcement saying there is a warrant for your arrest because you missed jury duty, hang up yo! I personally would continue talking just to mess with them but they would eventually hang up on you. Ada County is reporting that the Treasure Valley is getting hit with these calls and they show up from a 208 area code.

The caller will ask for payment to remove the warrant. Just a side note: Have you tried to pay a bill lately when it comes to the city? it's not that easy! Sometimes they won't take anything but cash and you have to do this in person. You might FEEL like it's convenient but then again, that's not how this works.

If you feel like you're being scammed or have questions just call (208) 287-7577 during the week. I think it's funny because on Ada County's Facebook page it say's, "no officer of the court will ever contact you demanding a bond payment." That's probably because they will just show up and take you playa!

While this post went up a few more calls came through. Beware of this one and oh yea, don't answer the free Mexico trip one either. Come on!

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