You won't have to look at the big screen to see Drake close-up. Look right in front of you and there he will be. We want you and a friend sitting standing in the front row!

Right now, Drake's album VIEWS is on pace to outsell Adele's latest album. That's history-making. Can you imagine just how many people know all his songs and are selling anything they have in order to buy tickets to see Drake? You won't have to sell anything. You may have to buy a new outfit, though.

Win a trip to New York City to see Drake live in concert at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. You'll get two FRONT ROW tickets for the October 12th show, airfare from the Boise airport, hotel and transportation to your hotel (then back to the airport, of course).

The more I look at this, the more amazing it sounds.

Please tell us what he looks like up close, what he sounds like, IF YOU GOT PULLED ON STAGE WITH HIM!

You have until August 12th to enter.



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