I will be the first to admit that I am not a good driver. Rather, I'm not a confident driver which can be bothersome to others on the road. As such, I try and be very understanding and patient with other drivers who aren't doing the best job navigating roadways. You won't catch me revenge driving against anyone or flipping the bird. I'll just talk trash in my car while trying to give the benefit of the doubt. But what I have no sympathy for is a botched parking job.

You're not in traffic when you're parking. Not sitting at a light that can turn green any second. When you're parking you have time to do it right. Like my driving, may parking isn't inherently wonderful. But I will back out, adjust, and pull back in as many times as necessary to make sure I'm not obstructing anyone else from parking comfortably. I'm even more painstaking about it in parking lots with limited spaces, like at my place of work. There is one guy who has no such regard for others, and today he crossed a line. Literally, and in the most egregious way.

attachment-parking problem

What is this?! I was parked in my spot first, for context. So this guy (I've seen him but do not know him) backed into the spot like a disaster, clearly overlapping into my spot, and just walked away and moved on with his life. On several other occasions he parks in the compact spot with his tires on the line. Why?! Seems like he's begging for his car to get dinged. I won't do it, of course. But I think he deserves it. Don't be like this guy.

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