I grew up in Nampa and walking around downtown was a common occurrence for me growing up.  An only child with two working parents meant for me-- until I was able to stay home alone during the daytime-- spending my days with my grandma who cleaned houses for a living.  She still to this day loves to take her walks all over town and walking through downtown with an occasional stop at LeBaron's Honker Cafe!

Around the corner was one of my favorite places to stop and wander in downtown Nampa--a big bookstore and record store, the Yesteryear Shoppe.  I remember the smell like I was just in there--I don't know why I love the smell of books so much, but the downtown Nampa storefront space is filled with so many books there's hardly much room to walk!   Now, there's heartbreaking news that the store will be closing after 44 years of being owned and operated locally.

According to coverage by the Idaho Press Tribune, Yesteryear Shoppe has over 300,000 books and 50,000 records in the store now.

The closure wasn't owner Dave Gonzales idea at all.  The building in which his store resides was bought by a new property manager and Gonzales was given a timeframe to have the books moved out.  Sales are being held 3-days a week while Gonzales works on getting moved out and looking for his next location.

I would totally suggest you check out the book store downtown Nampa. It is located at 1215 First St. S. in Nampa!


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