What is the work scene like in Idaho and how do Idahoans handle their own work-life balance? Are we hard working folks that never make it out of the office or are we people that understand that there is a need to get out of the office for some 'balance' and perspective?

It may not matter if former presidential candidate and current United States Senator Bernie Sanders gets his way!

Pictured above is Bernie Sanders at a rally in Boise--where he opened by noting that he was told Idaho was a 'conservative state'. The rally was packed.

In a story line that really blew up over the weekend, the Senator from Vermont was making headlines for proposing a radical change to how we work in America and if passed, would even impact workers right here in Idaho.


What do you think about working just 4-days? A longer weekend shouldn't make anyone too upset. But the real question is: how would your bosses or respective companies react to something like this? Could this increase or ruin productivity?

Some say that this could cost part-time or hourly employees money, as available hours would go down. Others say that the answer is to lengthen business hours on the 4-days that businesses would be open.

Would you prefer a 4-day work week in Idaho? Vote below!



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