I've been organizing the hours of photographs taken at this year's Boise Music Festival. We had so much fun this year, but I love looking at it from your eyes. Here are some of the best moments according to your Instagram feeds.

I will showcase some of my photos at the Boise Music Festival from this year. I've been sifting through the hundreds and realized the best were in your Instagram feeds. I've attached some of mine and yours to give you a version of Boise Music Festival from your eyes. I love your pictures by the way! Make sure to always tag me @kekeluv and @kissboise so we get front row seats into your life. Here's part two of YOU @BMF2017

I was just wondering what kind of champagne was Flo Rida spewing on stage?? Did anyone catch the label? At least rafa_lakers18 caught him poppin' the confetti bomb!

That's a LOT of people out there! It was definitely 🔥🔥

I totally missed Flo Rida taking a piggy back ride and is he holding someone on his lap????? Great video calamity_jane75

Just more perfection! 🙏

Gettin' LIT!

This guy KILLED IT!

sheyna_08 knows how to represent with festival fashion at BMF 2017!

I want one #stat

What she said.

Boise Music Festival Fashion at its best.

Where was that!

They were so much fun.

Well, it's justakimthing! Great seeing you and Flo Rida #GDFR next time.

This answers my previous question of did Flo Rida have a girl on his lap??? YES! I feel sorry for that poor dude on the bottom. Flo Rida is ripped!!!!!!! Great vid tamiharperwinn

🎤💧 Moment!

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