I'm a car guy, I own 7 cars and that's because I recently gave one of them away. As a car guy I tend to be really particular about how I wash my cars, the paint can easily be scratched or be left with swirl marks so it's a rare occurrence when I take my car to a car wash. If I do end up at a car wash it's usually a do it yourself type place but not today. I was complaining about how dirty my car was and how cold it was and how it was too cold to wash my car when Mateo said... "take it to J's on Chinden". I replied with a stern... "Nah nah playboy, I don't want those machines wrecking havoc on my paint job"  After he laughed for about two minute straight, he informed me that J's hand car wash on Chinden doesn't have machines... hence J's HAND car wash... I figured I would give it a try since it was too cold for me to do it and after all it is a hand wash. Impressive is the only way I can describe it, the people that work there are polite and they do a great job. There's a guy named Roman who has gone above and beyond for me twice, He even washed a car for me that was on a trailer. Impressive right? J's hand car wash is the "Best Car Wash in Boise".

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