Oh, the regret of just not saying "hello".  It happens daily-- but as they say, "shoulda, coulda, woulda"...

Perhaps you or someone you know has done this. You notice someone that catches your eye, you don't say anything to them, and then always wonder if you would have hit it off. Or even crazier, perhaps someone noticed YOU and didn't say hello. That's why I'm here, once a week, making sure you see that someone could be looking for you.

Without further ado, after a very very busy weekend, these are the best in this weeks missed connections-- right here in Boise. Click the titles to reply, if you wish...

You are quite tall and very pretty. We crossed paths numerous times but never quite came face to face. I should have just said hi but didn't. I almost asked if I could rent some cart space. Tell me what I was wearing and I'll tell you what was in your cart.


To the hot guy Friday afternoon 2-3p. You walked in and I was struck at how handsome you were. You were wearing black sweat pants, olive T, glasses, cap and a beard. We passed each other in main isle the ran into each other again at the DVD section. Me scruffy, light blue checkered shirt and tan short, cap. We both looked at each other as we passed.
Not sure you'll ever see this, but theres always hope. BTW, you have very kissable lips


You work mainly on Sunday morning you are blonde you said you also work at T-Mobil. I have been admiring you for a long time and I think you have someone but if you would like to know who this is email me... hope to hear from you....



Oh my goodness... You are the cutest and sweetest! I brought my truck in today, Tuesday and you helped me check out. You seemed so well spoken, witty, and genuine. Not to mention drop dead gorgeous! I was totally blown away when I noticed you didn't have a ring!? Well I was reeling from an instant crush so I pretty much vapor locked but I am totally regretting I didn't ask you out! If you see this and were interested in tall, tattoos, athletic then I would love to hear back from you!


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