It seems like everywhere is short staffed. Report after report of businesses closing altogether or limiting ours due to a lack of employees. And while it seems like restaurants are being hit hardest, there are plenty of other businesses that are suffering. And there are ton of people still out of work since the pandemic hit, but haven't found the right job to get back into the workplace. The Better Business Bureau Great West & Pacific is hoping to connect accredited businesses with the right talent with a career fair on August 26th from 3pm- 7pm at The Grove Hotel.

It seems like everyone is hiring, but sometimes it's difficult to even know where to start. Just randomly searching online or driving around town looking for buildings with a NOW HIRING sign can be quite daunting. The career fair has everything in one spot, which takes away some of the stress. Some of the companies looking for talent:

Boise Rescue Mission
The Beardsmith
Ronald McDonald House Charities
Buy Idaho
Grove Hotel
Idaho Central Arena (who doesn't want to drive a Zamboni?)
OFR Inc.
Raise the Bottom
The Tiny House Society

Again, all of these companies are BBB accredited, so you know they aren't scams. And many offer flexible PTO and a hybrid work model, which seems to be very coveted these days.

Just like you would with any job, be sure to bring your resumé because you'll be meeting important people that may change the trajectory of your career. Actually, take a look at your resumé and make sure you have everything up to date, no typos. Maybe even go the Elle Woods route and make it scented. Just kidding. I'm sure that's not necessary. But I bet at least one employer would be amused and impressed.

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