This past week a bear and her three cubs decided that they needed some fun in the sun at a beach in Lake Tahoe California. The human beachgoers were shocked and didn't quite know what to do. The amount of social media that was associated with this bold bear beach outing was insane and it went viral.

Apparently social media is not only accessible to the majority of human beings on earth but it must of made it to the animal kingdom as well. Bare with me ( pun intended) ...

Stacy bear and her three cubs are hanging out in the woods and the hot temperatures start getting to them so Jr. Cub says... Let's hit the beach... The entire family knows that the humans on the beach are harmless so they go down to the beach, swim around, cool off and take a few selfies for their gram. A few days later Jr. Cubs Instagram friends from Idaho see the selfies on his page and all of a sudden we have bears on the beach at Lucky Peak.

You can't tell me that this scenario doesn't make sense. I did search for IG accounts owned by bears but most of them are private so at this time I'm unable to confirm this story. I will however maintain that it makes a lot of sense.

In the meantime...according to ktvb... "Officials say the area has been shut down, and park rangers have been called in to trap and relocate the bear to "a more bear-friendly environment" farther away from people."

If you're planning on going to Lucky Peak over the holiday make sure your food and trash are secured when camping overnight.

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