An ice cold beer on a cold day, a cocktail out with the ladies, or just a damn good wine or whiskey at home. As long as it is not taken too far and is done with some responsibility drinking is part of adult life in the US for the most part. Although when abused can be incredibly dangerous. "In addition to short-term consequences, such as impaired judgement and motor skills, excessive alcohol consumption is associated with liver disease, certain cancers, increased risk of a heart attack or stroke, and poor mental health." So where in Idaho do they put down the most alcohol?

24/7 Tempo compiled the the drunkest cities in each state and the drunkest areas in each state. According to the study excessive drinking includes both binge and heavy drinking. Heavy drinking is defined as consuming at least 15 drinks a week or averaging two or more drinks a day for men, according to the CDC. For women, it’s eight drinks or more per week or more than one drink on average a day. Whereas binge drinking is defined as a pattern of alcohol consumption that brings a person’s blood alcohol concentration level to 0.08% or higher.

So what city likes to booze it up more than others in the gem state. Pocatello was the winner, or maybe loser, since this is probably not a list you want to be at the top of. Here is the break down from 24/7 Tempo:

Idaho: Pocatello
Adults binge or heavy drinking: 19.5% (Idaho: 17.1%)
Driving deaths involving alcohol: 28.6% (Idaho: 31.4%)
Median household income: $51,612 (Idaho: $60,999)
Adults reporting poor or fair health: 17.0% (Idaho: 15.1%)

24/7 Tempo did another study a few months later and featured in another article 'The Drunkest Place in Every State'. This one had Idaho County leading the way.

Idaho: Idaho County,
Adults who drink excessively: 22.1% (state: 17.1% — 10th lowest)
Driving deaths involving alcohol: 39.5% (state: 31.4% — 19th highest)
Adults in fair or poor health: 19.5% (state: 15.1% — 15th lowest)
Adults with a bachelor’s degree or higher: 19.8% (state: 27.6% — 13th lowest)
Median household income: $41,516 (state: $55,785 — 15th lowest)
Largest place in county: Grangeville

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