I went to grab a beer yesterday afternoon with a friend of mine from high school and no, we didn't graduate together.  We weren't students at the same time, either.  In fact, that friend was my teacher for two years at Bishop Kelly High School and that unique friendship that has grown over the years into something I cherish deeply.

Have you have ever had a friend that always left you feeling recharged, refreshed and inspired? One that changes your outlook on life and your global perspective after spending time with them--one of those extremely valuable relationships?  That's just the type of relationship Mr. Chuck Tacke and I share and he truly is a living projection of Bishop Kelly High School.  I entered BK viewing politics, the world, social justice, and more one way and left BK four years later, thanks to his influence, viewing it in an entirely different way. One more compassionate than ever. He's a living example of the type of relationship that Bishop Kelly maintains with its students.

This evening at 6:30 p.m. in Carley Athletic Center at Bishop Kelly High School, anyone interested in sending their children to BK can learn more about what the school has to offer. You'll hear from teachers, administrators, and students while taking guided tours through BK's facilities.  If you're even interested in the slightest bit, I would encourage you to check it out.

This isn't a plug for my school that anyone asked me to write, but rather a display of gratitude and school spirit for my alma mater, Bishop Kelly.  I have two hardworking parents and grew up in Nampa.  Bishop Kelly wouldn't have been an option for me in the slightest, without the generosity of the school.  As a student at Bishop Kelly, I was a recipient of two generous scholarships that made my time there possible. I'm forever indebted to the school for their belief and trust in me to go far, do great things, and represent my school to the best of my abilities.  I'm forever indebted to the Laura Moore Cunningham Foundation and the Fr. James R. Wilson Scholarship who enabled my attendance.

If you've ever considered sending your child to BK--NEVER let finances be the reason you don't.  With Bishop Kelly's generosity, there's always a way.

Bishop Kelly is more than a school. It's a community.  At Bishop Kelly, it's cool to be smart.  It's cool to think differently.  It's cool to hit the books right after football practice. At BK, everyone belongs.

Bishop Kelly taught me that life "in the grey" is ok. They taught me to win and lose in both athletics and in life, with grace. They taught me to make well thought out decisions and be accountable for any consequences. To believe in myself, and to find the good in ALL things.  They provided lasting friendships, endless opportunity, and a place that I can continue to call home.  It's a place I know that I'm always welcome, because BK is my family.  It's a community I hope more people can experience, and that's why I'm encouraging you to check out this information night.

If you want more info on BK, New Student Information Night, and links to financial aid, just click HERE.   I hope if my testament to the BK experience has given you even a inkling of interest, you'll check it out and find out what it means to be a Knight. Without BK developing me into a complete student, admittance into, let alone graduation from Gonzaga University would have been far more challenging. I promise it will be worth your time!

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