When we met the crew at Black Rock Coffee Bar, we knew they had big hearts!  This Wednesday they're teaming up with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

On Wednesday, April 19th both Black Rock locations are teaming with MaxGiving to raise money for the Man & Woman of the Year Campaign.  $1 of every drink sold that day will be donated directly to the campaign to help find a cure for blood cancers like leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma. So whether your favorite drink is one of Black Rock's famous Caramel Blondies, chai or something different, just buying it like you normally would will make a huge difference this week.

Black Rock's got locations in Boise at 1604 S Broadway Avenue and in Meridian at 1757 W Chinden Blvd!

Why the Man and Woman of the Year Campaign is So Important

Image via Michelle Heart
Image via Michelle Heart

As a former Woman of the Year candidate, I'm hoping you consider helping Brandon out with such an amazing cause! It's a cause close to my hear for a few reasons. In 2010, I lost my great uncle (who was always fascinated by what really went on behind the scenes at a radio station) to Leukemia. In 2012, the man that's going to be the best man in our wedding lost his step dad to Leukemia as well and it was devastating watching how the disease affected him and his family in those final days. But what really hit home was a lengthy Facebook post I saw in January 2016. One of my good friends (he's the guy in the picture with me) found out he had Chronic Myeloid Leukemia after his doctor found bleeding on his retinas during a routine eye exam. He and his wife played a huge role in helping me find the courage to move to Boise right out of college and I hated knowing such an amazing husband and dad was going to have to battle such an ugly disease. As of February 2017, he's on the way to beating it with the help of a medication that was actually discovered through research funded by an LLS grant.

The work this organization really does change lives of people in our community with those research grants as well as other services for those fighting blood cancers. Blood cancer is the number one childhood cancer and one of those programs they provide is a transition program to help kids return to school after their treatment.

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