If there was one theme or desired theme over Boise State football's offseason so far, it has been 'retention'. With a head coach change and a season that eventually got turned around for the better--the program knew that it needed to retain as many players as possible to keep the momentum going in the right direction.

Starting quarterback Taylen Green? He took off.

All-star running back Ashton Jeanty? He's sticking around-- with many others.

How about the coaching staff? The highest paid Offensive Coordinator in Boise State history, Bush Hamdan, might just be up in the air.

Here's a look at Bush Hamdan, the beloved Boise State Offensive Coordinator

A Look At Boise State's Beloved Coach Bush Hamdan

He played here, he coaches here, and now some are saying that he's on his way out!

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Did you know all of these things about Hamdan? 

News--or rumors, rather-- about Bush broke over the weekend that fans weren't too happy to see.

ESPN Senior Writer, Pete Thamel, is reporting that Hamdan may well be on his way out of Boise. 


While Thamel has no ties to Boise State--it seems the guy is rarely wrong. Remember, just months ago it was Pete Thamel that had announced Andy Avalos had been relieved of his head coaching duties at Boise State before any local new outlets had even the slightest idea.

Only time will tell whether or not Bush Hamdan will be leaving his alma mater for greener pastures--or greener grass. Fans here in Boise are hoping that it's all one big rumor, however.

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