James Corden host of The Late Late Show on CBS has a popular segment on his show called Carpool Karaoke.

On this segment, he has had Rod Stewart with Asap Rocky, Stevie Wonder, Justin Bieber, and Iggy Azalea to name a few. The premise is to have a one on one chat with artist and get to know them while singing their popular songs intermittently. Its a pretty awesome segment that gives you a personal look at the artist with their answers to off the wall questions and their karaoke skills.

Jason Derulo, who performed at Boise Music Festival a few years back and has become one of the biggest stars on the planet, went on The Late Late Show and was awesome per usual. He is super talented and honest with his responses to Corden's questions. You  ended up feeling like you are in the car with them.

Here is Jason Derulo's segment and I have linked above some of the other segments from other artists. (Check out Stevie Wonder's)

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