Bobcats are natives to Idaho and extremely common, yet it is rare to actually see them in populated areas within town.

Oftentimes, they are spotted in the foothills or higher up in the mountains, and they don’t usually come out in the daytime. 

However, this is obviously not always the case.



Where was it spotted?

On Sunday evening, around 8 pm, local resident Kevin Regan spotted something pretty alarming and extraordinary.

Off of the Boise River Greenbelt, near the intersection of Warm Springs and Windsong in downtown Boise, he saw a bobcat lingering in the bushes.


Photo by Kevin Regan
Photo by Kevin Regan


A sighting of a bobcat can be extremely disconcerting, particularly when it comes to small children and pets.

However, their diet typically consists of rodents, rabbits and small birds like quail. They're not generally hunting for large game.


Photo by Kevin Regan
Photo by Kevin Regan


Encounters with bobcats are generally brief, as they’ll usually run away shortly after being seen. 

But this doesn’t mean that these interactions can’t escalate and become dangerous, because this is a wild animal. 

So Idaho residents should definitely be aware that bobcats are being seen close to town, and we should all have a plan in place beforehand, if ever confronted with one.


Photo by Kevin Regan
Photo by Kevin Regan


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Be safe out there!

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