The kid in me is throwing a fit because I can't wait to ride the new mountain coaster at Bogus Basin. In my Hallmark Christmas Movie mind, I see myself riding the coaster in the snow with twinkling lights and drinking hot cocoa afterward. This actually could be a reality.

August 1st, late August, September and now fall. Those have been the predicted completion dates of the mountain coaster. The most recent is "this fall". It's smart of them to say "fall" because the timeline is pretty open. Basically, before winter.

Bogus Basin isn't just a winter activity and recreational area. This new investment is making it a place to go all year long. The roller coaster that is being built into the mountain will also run the year through. This is where my Christmas lights and cozy cocoa Hallmark Movie fantasy comes into play. Bogus Basin has made a major investment in all the activities and the final one is arguably the most anticipated.

Here's what's left to do:

  • Structural engineering design details to assure accessibility
  • Construction of the loading and unloading building next to Simplot Lodge

Alright, so it's for legit reasons. Once that coaster is ready to go, let's all meet on the mountain and get all holiday-ish on them, wanna?

Santa, if I could ask for one thing this year...

I'll keep you posted!

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