I’ve flown via the Boise Airport countless times, and I am beyond shocked I didn’t know this already.

I guess out of sight, out of mind, right?

Sometimes, you just don’t think about things until it gets brought up to you somehow, and for me this week that was when KTVB broke the story about Spirit Airlines.

So, let me ask you, did you know that Spirit Airlines hasn’t ever operated out of Boise before?

Yeah, so apparently that’s a thing. I had no idea.

Spirit And Frontier Airlines Merge In $6.6 Billion Deal
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According to KTVB, “Spirit Airlines announced on Tuesday that they will begin offering daily nonstop flights between the Boise Airport (BOI) and Harry Reid International Airport (LAS) in Las Vegas, Nevada, on August 5. This will be the first time Spirit Airlines will operate out of the Boise Airport.”

Boom. That’s awesome! That means when they kick this off in August, Boise will have 9 airlines with 28 nonstop destinations.

KTVB also reported that the Boise Airport Director (Rebecca Hupp.) said, “We are very excited to welcome Spirit Airlines to Boise this summer. Adding daily service on a low-cost carrier will allow more BOI passengers access to the endless allures and attractions of Las Vegas."

I personally am beyond excited about this. I mentioned I fly through Boise all the time … that’s typically because I’m going to Vegas to see my friends and family.

Now, there’s more nonstop flights to Vegas, and I’m extremely excited about that.

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