Exciting news is coming out of the City of Boise this week following Mayor Dave Bieter's State of the City address. Boise has always done a great job of taking forward steps toward growth, progress, and just making things better--this may be one of the biggest goals set, yet!

According to Mayor Bieter, by the year 2030, the Boise city government hopes to power all of its facilities and operations with 100 percent clean or renewable energy. This is a huge step in the right direction for our environment and community!

Not only will these efforts be cleaner for the city, but city officials are saying that there are many other benefits as well. Stepping up the city's sustainability will give the city a chance to chime in, get involved, and by the way--bring a number of jobs to the area as well!

In the coming months, the City of Boise plans to seek resident feedback and input--so be on the lookout for your chance to have your voice be heard!

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