Airport expansion: a pretty great sign of growth for any city.

With the amount of grown we have been seeing in Boise over the years, it's no surprise that the Boise Airport is proposing a bit of an expansion to their current system. No-- it's nothing crazy like 10 new terminals, but it's something I bet has impacted you before, especially if you have ever picked someone up.

If I go to the airport, I always prefer to be flying out to someplace fun for a vacation and time with friends. For me, that's usually Phoenix. However, every now and then one of my friends needs to be picked up when THEY return from some time away...and I'm always willing to do so.

That pesky "cell phone wait area" is consistently a nightmare. Have you experienced this before? Once space runs out for cars to pull up in that waiting area, the savages that don't want to drive a lap around the airport extend that waiting area into lanes of traffic. It's the most annoying thing ever. Then cars at the front don't move forward and congestion continues to build. Can you tell this is a passionate issue for me?

The new proposed waiting area for arrivals would be off of Orchard and Victory-- just a bit further from the actual airport itself. However, it will hold over 50 cars...much more accommodating for the number of flights coming into Boise these days.

What do you think of the proposed change?

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