The incident on the United Airlines flight in Chicago has angered the nation.

Could the same happen in Boise? Technically, it could, but it hasn't yet.

On Sunday, Dr. David Dao was forcibly removed from a United Airlines flight after he refused to volunteer to give up his seat on an overcrowded flight.

Warning, the footage is disturbing:

While there's more details to the story coming in, do people in the Treasure Valley have to worry about the same happening to them when traveling out of the Boise Airport?

According to Boise Airport spokesman Sean Briggs, such an incident has never happened here:

Typically, if airlines oversell flights, they have enough people” willing to take a buyout on their seats.

Briggs added that he's never heard of a passenger complaint citing a forced removal from an aircraft. According to Briggs, Boise Police are stationed at the airport and will board a plane if there's an issue with an unruly passenger.

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