We all have those places that hold a special place in our hearts, maybe you went there as a kid or maybe it was the place where you took your significant other on a first date. Typically it's a place where you created memories and didn't even realize it but looking back it's all very apparent. The Blue Cow Frozen Yogurt shop on Apple street in Boise is one of those places. I was bummed to find out that the store is on the verge of going under. COVID-19 and the Pandemic has made many businesses disappear and we shouldn't let this one be another victim. If you're able pay them a visit today and do your part to keep this beloved Froyo spot open. Read the official announcement from their Facebook below.
Dear Customers,
We bought the beloved “Blue Cow Frozen Yogurt” store just a month before COVID-19 hit and we had great plans to continue to support our community by creating jobs, hosting fundraisers for school and nonprofits, and providing the best ice cream, bubble tea, and desserts in town. Blue Cow is a small neighborhood store that is well known for over 10 years and we have reached a point where we won’t survive COVID-19 without your help.
We don’t even make enough revenue on some days to cover salaries of our 8 part-time employees, let alone rent, expenses, food supplies and so on.
We ask for your help to support our little store and get us through the next 6-9 months until COVID-19 is hopefully behind us, by visiting us more frequently or by buying a gift card and giving it to people who may have not visited Blue Cow before.
Thank you very much and God Bless you for your kind help.
The “Blue Cow” Team

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