Boise is known for many things and while most of them we are proud of there are a few things we brag about. Last weekend at Idaho's Largest Garage Sale we we're definitely proud and humbly bragging about Luke Caldwell and Clint Robertson otherwise known as the Boise Boys. The boys who became a celebrities after HGTV picked up their home flipping TV show have 20 episodes that you can stream on the Discovery app but the most common question at the garage sale was "What's next"?. Today we found out  "what's next ?" for the Boise Boys.

"We were a little surprised when HGTV called and said 'hey, would you guys be open to trying another format? This time, helping families.'”  said Caldwell in a ktvb interview. about how their new show "Outgrown"

The new show  has already been filming and is only four  episodes from being done. "What we've realized a lot in Boise is that people are saying wow, I love my house, and it's worth so much more money now because of everything that's going on in Boise, but I don't want to sell it because I don't have anywhere to go, and so the best thing to do is actually renovate and to make the house actually work for our families," Luke Caldwell told ktvb.

The new show is expected to air sometime in the fall and there are talks of a prime time slot. "You know, timing is everything. The fact that they came up with this idea when it's hard to even find homes to flip here in Idaho, it was perfect," said Robertson in the same interview. I believe congrats and thank you are in order for our Boise Boys. as soon as we have official air dates for the new show we will post them here.


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