A typical Idaho June usually involves a heatwave; however, as we all know, Idaho's June weather has hardly been typical. The state felt a nice amount of rain in May, and it looks like those conditions will continue this weekend. Newcomers to our state forget that the Treasure Valley is a mountain desert, so we don't get a lot of rain. So when we do get a lot of rain, wind, and hail, it's newsworthy.

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Weather experts and meteorologists are predicting that this weekend resemble something we'd see in Portland and Seattle.  In other words, Idahoans should be prepared for severe weather including possible thunderstorms, heavy wind, flash floods in area nears lakes and streams, and hail.  Such conditions put a hamper on outdoor activities and make driving in such conditions dangerous.

  There is a note of good news in this weekend's rainy forecast.  This winter Idaho didn't see the normal amount of snowfall to adequately fill our state's irrigation system.  So the more rain we get the more water we will have to get us through the predicted drought.

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