The History of Idaho Broadcasting Foundation honored KIDO Talk Radio's, Kevin Miller. The event took place Friday at Smokey Mountain Pizza in Boise. Steve Bertel, who worked for years in Boise Television, hosted the event. Mr. Bertel worked several hours researching and writing Friday's program. His preparation included a three-hour video interview with Kevin Miller.

Several current and former broadcasters attended the lunch giving their thoughts on KIDO Talk Radio's Kevin Miller. The group commented on their experiences working in Boise media for several years. Mr. Bertel reviewed Mr. Miller's career before working at KIDO Talk Radio since 2009.

KIDO TALK RADIO Kevin Miller Honored By The History of Idaho Broadcasting

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Kevin Miller spoke about his time covering the 1996 Presidential Primary in New Hampshire to his latest Miller's Mission effort. Other pre-Idaho highlights included broadcasting from Iraq, the White House, President Regan's funeral, and being the go to source for several national media programs such as the Today Show, ESPN, and others.

The group included former radio folks who've dedicated their lives to service through broadcasting. The History of Idaho Broadcasting Foundation is dedicated to preserving Idaho's rich broadcast history. You can see their efforts here.

Kevin Miller ended the luncheon by reviewing his career in Idaho covering another broadcast from Iraq, the Freedom Walk, Miller's Mission, Kevin In A Kennel, Getting Idaho Back to Work, Promote our Schools, Secure our Future, several debate watch parties, the Clash in Caldwell, and other broadcasts promoting the state and the Treasure Valley.

We want to thank the foundation for their work, effort, and dedication hosting the luncheon recognizing KIDO Talk Radio's Kevin Miller.

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