If you have a pet--no matter the species, you know that they're family. My cat piccolo is essentially my first born and I certainly want to keep her away from everything and anyone that would ever hurt her.

One Boise woman is warning those in the community and especially within her neighborhood, that someone is shooting cats. Unfortunately, she had to learn the hard way--her cat was fatally shot.

A cat owner myself, I keep my cat piccolo indoors. So for me, the dangers of a neighbor that doesn't like cats, cars, and more are completely non-existent in Piccolo's life.

The incident happened off of Ustick Road, right in the area of Five Mile and Cloverdale. It wasn't until Cheeto (the cat that was fatally shot) came to his owners door clearly injured. Thinking he had been hit by a car, his owner rushed him to the vet where they determined he had been in fact shot by a pellet gun. Cheeto passed away at the vet's office.

In Idaho, pets are regarded as property and since there's no evidence or witness, there's no legal action to be taken.

The only advice in instances like these is: if you see something, say something. If you suspect animal abuse in your neighborhood, contact Animal Control at (208) 343-3166

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