There’s not much that we love more than Mexican food and margaritas in the Treasure Valley – and this is in no way an exaggeration.

If you don’t believe us, simply type into your browser “Mexican restaurants in Boise,” and you’ll see that in just Boise alone, we have too many to count.




Well as you can imagine, people are stoked for Cinco de Mayo this week!

The weather is supposed to be warm, the margaritas cold and the vibes immaculate.

But, with so many options and places to choose from, where should you go?


Well look no further, because we got you, boo.

Listed below are some of our personal favorites located around the Boise area, as well as recommendations from other locals who love delicious Mexican food and margaritas as much as we do. 

Drink up, be safe and enjoy celebrating a culture that has given us so much!

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