Over the weekend, I had the privilege to hangout at the Diversity Prom 2018 with my good friend that you're probably familiar with, Mr. Chris Cruise.

Diversity Prom is an annual event hosted by our friends over at Boise Pride Festival. It's a safe place for dancing and fun-- a true prom, nonetheless-- that celebrates students of different sexual orientations and identities along side their allies.  I'm humbled to consider myself an ally of such an amazing and brave group of kids.

I was moved by the energy these kids have. Needless to say, they're just kids. As such, some kids are cruel and I'm willing to bet for some in attendance on Saturday-- school life can be difficult because of bullying or worse. Students at this years Diversity Prom-- which had grown immensely in attendance, had none of those worries Saturday night.

At one point in the night, I asked the crowd to make some noise for love and equality. I had no idea what that would reap. I think that my ears are STILL ringing from that moment. It sent chills up my spine...THOSE kids are our future and it's inspiring.

Thanks to Boise Pride for having Chris Cruise and I out this weekend--it will be a night I'll truly, never forget.

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