Idaho is a lovely place and odds are we don't need to explain our reasoning to you. There's something for everyone here whether you love a clean and booming downtown or a calm and isolated outdoor experience--it's all here and it's all close. Along with endless activities for just about anyone, there are four distinct seasons giving everyone a taste of all the weather seasons and sometimes, we get four seasons in one day!

So the secret has been out about Idaho for some time now--Boise, in particular.

What has changed and why are we suddenly looking so unpopular? Statistics are showing that we might not be what we were just two years ago.

According to a compilation of numbers from moveBuddah, moves to Idaho aren't what they have been and in Boise--it's even slower. It is probably safe to assume that the over-valued housing market in Boise is keeping a majority of folks out of the city.

For example in 2020 the State of Idaho saw about 320 "move-ins" for every 100 "move outs". This year, we're seeing about 123 "ins" for every 100 "out".

This is a whopping 60% decline.

You can see the entire survey for yourself, HERE.

Popular cities in Idaho are Coeur d'Alene, Eagle, Twin Falls, Lewiston, and Boise--respectively. Yes, a total of four Idaho cities now lead Boise in move-ins.

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All numbers from 24/7 Wall St &

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