They're our heroes in red, but there's so much more our Boise Firefighters do besides just battling the blaze.

You might think that when people call 911 and the BFD responds, it's to fight a building fire. Or get the occasional cat out of a tree. While yes, the Boise Fire Department does these things, they answer all kinds of calls and tend to a plethora of emergencies on the daily.

BFD responds when you call 911 for something as simple as someone having their head stuck in between fence posts. Seems trivial, but that's still someone in need of help! I never realized this, but the Boise Fire Department are also who we go to for chemical incidents. Chemical spill at the factory? Chlorine leak? These are the brave men and women who attack those problems as well.

Many emergencies that occur at Boise International Airport are handled by BFD. They're also on the scene for water rescues, which can unfortunately be plentiful before and during floating season on the Boise river.

Along with fighting building fires, BFD also handle building collapses. If there's a person trapped inside a crumbling building, Boise Fire Department will come to the rescue to extract citizens in need of help.

So next time you see one of our brave men or women of the Boise Fire Department, make sure to give them a sincere thank you. I had no idea they were responsible for keeping us safe in so many ways!

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