There is about to be a surge of information regarding events this Summer that spark relief-type conversations across Idaho. This season will look completely different than one year ago.

You will be purchasing tickets, making plans, and adding things to your special occasion calendars. Who is going to run all these new events? This is becoming a problem and the Boise Hawks are holding a special in-person job fair at Memorial Stadium.

There is no limit to the number of Help Wanted posters that I'm seeing all over Boise. This is your chance to not submit an application and hope for a response. The Boise Hawks want to meet Idahoans and see if you're a fit for their game day staff for the upcoming baseball season.

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The first Boise Hawks baseball game begins on May 26 which is less than two weeks away. The hiring process begins on Monday and with the training, you could have a new job quickly. This comes from their announcement online.

The Hawks are in search of dedicated and reliable personnel to join their game day staff for the upcoming season. They are looking for a variety of skill sets and personalities, but most importantly, they are looking for individuals who can contribute to the positive experience of their loyal fans and guests.

Some of the other positions available will be cooks, food runners, wait staff, and retail operations. You will interview with management on Monday and that means it might be a great idea to have a resume in hand.

  • Boise Hawks Job Fair
  • Memorial Stadium
  • Monday, May 17, 2021
  • 4 PM - 6 PM

Find out more on their website below.

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