Hungry? There's a solution for that.

Who would have thought that the terms "social distancing" and "quarantine" would become such everyday words for us. Society and life just aren't normal right now-- but together, we're finding solutions and getting through it.

If you have dinner on your mind and you're dreading a grocery store or that huge line at Costco to take care of what's for dinner for the family-- the Boise Hawks have gotten creative. It involves a solution for you!

These "Boise Hawk Meal Kits" are big enough to feed the whole family and start at just $75. There are all sorts of options--from BBQ to Ballpark classics, too. It's a great way to pull up, grab dinner, skip the store/cooking AND support our local baseball team.

The meal kits are available now through Monday the 27th of April and you can call and order ahead at: (208) 805-1124

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