By now we are all familiar with the events that took place a few weeks ago at the Wylie Street Station Apartment Complex. Timmy Kinner from Los Angles returned to the complex after being kicked out a few days prior to exact revenge wounding many children and taking the life of three-year-old Ryua Kadir.

Through this tragedy, there have been many positive moments of love and support. There was a rally at the capitol that drew thousands and local businesses have been reported fundraising for the families of the victims. Another such instance of love comes from Boise hip-hop artist Hakeem Prime and the release of his song Missed Out.

In it, Hakeem touches on a few current events in Boise such as Timmy Kinner and the assumed lacked affection from his mother, the upcoming Boise State Broncos football season and even a few bars of respect to our Boise Police Department.

You can hear the song below via Hakeems Sound Could. Enjoy and get excited! Boise's hip-hop culture is on the right path.



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