The legislators have a nickname for the Treasure Valley. As many of you know, they call our area the great state of Ada. So it wouldn't it be logical to assume that the state's hottest housing market is in Boise? Boise is the biggest city, the state capital, and the place to be if you're looking to buy a home in Idaho, right?

Boise is not the most in-demand housing market in Idaho.  The Idaho Business Review reports that Coeur d'Alene, not Boise is the most popular city in Idaho. The information on a national list of hotness from has the Northern Idaho city ranked 16th and Boise at 57th.  

The Wall Street Journal says Coeur d'Alene is the hottest market in the country. The Journal gives the Idaho city two stories on its popularity. The article details the usual suspects of folks fleeing the big cities, the quality of life, real estate bargains, and relaxed Covid-19 restrictions are mentioned motivations for Coeur d'Alene's newfound popularity.  

Like our Treasure Valley, the home prices in Coeur d'Alene have risen historically. The prices have risen almost 50%, and the median price is nearly 500,000, which rivals what home buyers are experiencing in the Treasure Valley.  

Unlike Boise, Coeur d'Alene is not a big urban hub. The city is a resort town where many wealthy Americans buy second or third homes used for vacations. Whether it's in northern or southern Idaho, the Gem State will continue attracting Americans who want the Idaho Lifestyle. The question will be whether a bigger is a better Idaho?

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