It's that time of year again--Girl Scout Cookie Season. Soon, you'll be seeing cookie sales popping up all across the city in front of stores and businesses.

One local business is stepping up their support for the Girl Scouts here in Idaho in a very unique way. Have a Girl Scout at home? You'll want to know about this.

Interested to see which cookies WILL be available this season? Here's a glimpse:

Girl Scout Cookie Lineup For The 2024 Season

Yes--one of the most popular cookies is missing...can you guess which?

Gallery Credit: Credit: Mateo, 103.5 KISS FM

Which is your favorite? Will you be missing the raspberry variety? 

Stella's Ice Cream--a locally owned and operated ice cream shop, wants to help our local girl scouts out in a big way. Not by setting up for sale booths, but by literally buying cookies off of your Girl Scouts. Yes--they're sending out an all-call asking for any Girl Scout to come and sell them what they've got.

As it was stated on their Facebook page: 

Swing by our Eagle, Nampa, Caldwell, Twin Falls, or Downtown Boise stores on Tuesday February 6th from 3-7pm to sell us some cookies! We will be purchasing 2 boxes from each Girl Scout until we meet our quota! We want to hear your Girl Scout's sales pitch and will only be ordering in-person! Take this opportunity to have your Girl Scout practice their pitch and take the initiative on selling their cookies!

We have no idea what Stella's might be up to--but it's clear that they are all in on supporting the Girl Scouts and stashing some cookies away. Could a limited edition ice cream be on the way? We sure hope so.

Follow along with the mania via Stella's Ice Cream Facebook page, HERE.

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