We're not saying that Utah has better laws than Idaho. But are we saying this one particular law that Utah enjoys is definitely better than any ruling we have in Idaho?

Yes, yes we are. And it has to do with librarians.

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In Utah, there's a very specific law that discusses the powers of a librarian. Yes, it's a ruling that explicitly states exactly what a Utah librarian can and cannot do under law, and we very much believe Idaho needs a similar rule. Once you read it, and realize what type of authority it gives our friendly neighborhood librarian, maybe you'll see why it's so inticing.

The law in question:

According to UT Code § 76-6-803.60, “any employee of the library who has probable cause to believe that a person has committed library theft may detain the person, on or off the premises of a library.

That's right, if someone is suspected of stealing from a library in Utah, the librarian can detain them.

Just imagine Miss Smyth behind the library desk, just chillin'. Until she has to jump into action and DETAIN A PERP WHO STOLE A BOOK. This is starting to feel like the script for a Ryan Reynolds Netflix movie. We're into it.

What do you think? Should Idaho librarians have the legal right to detain someone if it appears as if they stole a book?  Should we start giving stun guns and self-defense classes to Idaho librarians for free?

Look, we're just asking questions here.


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