The internet is a strange place--but that's why we love it. Not only is the internet good for cat videos, laughs, and memes--it's obviously a total luxury to have for news, information, and networking.

In a sense, one could consider classified as a type of networking--it's a way for folks to buy and sell goods within their community. It also eliminates the need to let people into your garage, driveway, or yard to sift through personal items and inevitably buy nothing or haggle the price down. Awkward.

One local posting on Boise's Facebook Marketplace has the internet laughing, arguing, and scratching their heads--all at the same time. It's funny shaped, potentially mis-purposed, and'll have to see it for yourself.

Labeled by the poster as a "Taco Holding Clamp", the kitchen device has a knob with an attached clamp which appears to be holding a corn tortilla.

Some say this device belongs in the bedroom--not the kitchen.

The posting description says: 

I have had my fun with this fun kitchen gadget. No stains, like some people that sell things like this. The tacos just taste better when you plug the sturdy end into soil or whatever you like. Simple to use, find a hole or crack and stuff in there really good. Once it’s attached, just invite friends and have a good time. Ive shared with aunts, uncles, neighbors, church leaders, in about every configuration imaginable.

Hmmm. We're confused. Here's a photo of the alleged "Taco Holding Clamp": 

Credit: Facebook Marketplace
Credit: Facebook Marketplace

In the market for one of these things? It's listed right here in Boise for just $200 and you can find the listing, HERE.

This isn't the only "funny" item up for grabs on Facebook Marketplace, locally... here's a glimpse of some other fun listings: 

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