Summer is in full effect here in the Treasure Valley but we don't need to tell you that. We're burning our hands on the steering wheel, burning our skin just from being outside, and sweating the second we walk out of the door to start out day.

How is a Boise resident to cool down? Meriwether Cider has crafted the perfect solution.

When it comes to cider in the Treasure Valley, there's really only ONE authority in town: Meriwether Cider.  Here's a quick glimpse of some of their amazing creations.

The Flavors of Boise's Favorite Cider House

When it comes to enjoying a local brew in the Treasure Valley, the options are endless. We're lucky to have so many thriving local breweries thriving and getting creative with their products that are so uniquely Boise.

So how is Meriwether saving the day?

Well, the internet can't quite get enough of a creation that came to be all because of Boise's infamous "First Thursday". Each month, the Downtown Boise Association promotes the evening-long event, as described on their website:

Visit Downtown Boise the First Thursday of each month to experience art, shopping, dining, live music, family activities and entertainment in a special and unique way you’ll only find Downtown.  Our local merchants plan exciting, engaging in-store events including food and beverage tastings, local art exhibits, and trunk shows. Stop into your favorite establishment or check out someplace new!


Meriwether Cider House has done just that and it's going to be the perfect way to cool off this week.

Remember growing up with root beer floats? It's time to level up with one of Meriwether's "Cider Floats"-- consisting of your favorite Meriwether Cider with some locally crafted STIL Ice Cream dropped into the glass? Does it get any better than this?

Credit: Meriwether Cider
Credit: Meriwether Cider

The drink is only available on FIRST THURSDAY, for now--yeah, we're trying to convince them it needs to happen more often.  Until then, make plans for Thursday between 4:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m.

Want to check out the details, invite your friends, or share online? Check out their Facebook event, HERE.

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