As I'm typing this I'm hearing reports of another horrific incident involving an officer being shot. Details are still sketchy but with this news breaking so soon after the State Street stabbing where nine (six children 3 adults) were taken to the hospital, some with life threating injuries, one has to ask, what's going on in Boise?

Granted, things like this could happen anywhere but Boise has always offered perhaps the "false impression" that we were immune from this type of violence. From my perception (having recently lived in two different states with much higher violent crime rates) Boise was a safe paradise. It was part of the reason I left Portland and choose to come back here to raise my daughter. It just felt safe. Today, Boise is a different place than when I left in 2014. It's bigger, there are more people, more traffic, and more crime. We are making the shift from " big small city" to just "big city" and with that comes big city problems. Boise is growing and we've now hit puberty.

As Boise continues to experience these "growing pains" I think we all have a sobering realization to accept. The Boise we knew is dead. That's may sound dramatic but necessarily true. It's not just the crime. Traffic, cost of living, housing. All these things have seen a shocking increase in recent years. From our perception, (those that have lived here for decades) the change is alarming. For those who come from bigger cities, it's just another day. The very culture of our city is in the midst of change. Perhaps in time, as we continue to grow into "big city" adulthood, we will grow a custom to weekends like this. It's interesting to note that crime has actually decreased the past few years, but do we really feel safer?

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