Boise's downtown night life is receiving national attention.  Here's the what, why, where, when, and how.


SmartMeetings has highlighted the hottest cities in America for downtown meetings.  Cities like Miami, Chicago, San Diego, and oh yeah, a little place called Boise, Idaho.  SmartMeetings goes over what we already know.


Busy travelers enjoy Boise from the Airport to that short cab ride that'll get you to just about anything within 10 minutes.  Once you're downtown you won't need a ride.  Everything's right there within walking distance.  Carly and I figured that out when we first came and stayed at The Grove.


The Boise Centre is in the heart of downtown and where most people meet for business.  From there  you can hit 8th street which offers everything from $5 pizzas to Ruth's Chris.  Brew pubs, the wine scene, cafes, the capitol, parks, boise river, and a number of events going on every weekend makes sure any visitor has a top notch time while in town.


Again, we know all this.  Not sure if it's a good thing or a bad thing that the rest of the world is starting to figure it out.  Either way, we're going to keep on enjoying what God's given us in our little city called Boise.  Heaven On Earth!