Did you see the man near the stage holding a young woman up to hold hands with The Band Perry and receive a rose from Flo Rida? He didn't know the woman he was holding up and he also didn't know he had changed so many lives. 

Kendall is in a wheelchair full time. She has a disability but that's not what defines her. She's a lover of music and made contact with a really kind security guard who let her into the VIP section where she was able to get close to the artists performing at Boise Music Festival.


The experience she had wouldn't have been possible if Matt hadn't also been placed in the same area as Kendall. Matt got VIP tickets to BMF along with his friend Shannon and they planted themselves near the end of the catwalk of the stage. Their goal was to get high-five every artist.


Sitting near them was Kendall.


After the show had started, Matt asked Shannon that he wanted to ask Kendall what her favorite band was and if she'd like to see them a little bit better. Shannon urged him to just go ahead and ask. What's the worst that could happen?


Turns out, Kendall's favorite band was The Band Perry who was headed on stage. Matt picked her up and gave Kendall a front and center view of the whole show. Then this:


photo: Matt Price


This experience is something that most of us would give our left arm for...or right or both. Matt made it possible for Kendall.


If you were at Boise Music Festival, you know that between The Band Perry and Flo Rida, there was quite the performance by Chris Cruise and Mateo of "Tap that App". For some reason, Kendall didn't want to see that one close-up.


Once Flo hit the stage, Kendall got Matt and Shannon's attention through someone also standing nearby. She asked if Matt would be willing to hold her one more time so she could see Flo Rida. She didn't just see him, Flo gave her a gift.



The best part about everything that happened is that we didn't find out about the random act of kindness and love from the people who did it - it was everyone else.



Annie, Kendall's caregiver called in to give a "shout out" to the mystery person who lifted Kendall up to see. I later connected them and since that day, Matt, Shannon and Kendall have been in touch and are planning for next year. I wanted to share part of their conversation that isn't invading their privacy but is just so incredibly sweet to read.


photo: Tawsha Box


"You can easily judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him." - Malcolm S. Forbes