Boise Music Festival has so much going on that it's tough to see it all. Not only are there acts on stage and the 103.5 KISS FM side stage with live DJs, there's activity backstage and even leading up to the show.

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    Police Activity

    On Friday night, Sean Kingston was in town and was hungry. We had designated drivers on our staff to take the artists anywhere they wanted to go. Old Chicago for some pizza is what the Sean Kingston camp wanted. So they were driven there.

    Our driver parked in the taxi parking, let out Sean and his crew and waited for them to come out. A taxi called the police on our driver and they showed up. Boise Police were cool and just as they were talking to our driver, Sean Kingston walked out with his Old Chicago pizza and the taxi lane was open for taxi drivers.

  • Austin Mahone at BMF - photo: Meagan Cramer
    Austin Mahone at BMF - photo: Meagan Cramer

    Gaming with Austin Mahone

    "Where is Austin going after Boise Music Festival?"

    That was the question people were asking all day. Austin is 21 and could go to the after party at China Blue. Nope, that's not what happened. All of Austin's people went to Dave & Busters to play.

    After being on stage in the 90 degree weather while girls screamed so loudly it was almost silent, where does one go to cool off? They have us drive them to the nearest Dave & Busters to play games for the rest of the day.

  • The Band Perry at BMF - photo: Meagan Cramer
    The Band Perry at BMF - photo: Meagan Cramer

    Starstruck Artists

    To meet someone famous you admire is a cool feeling. Whether it be someone on TV, in movies or your favorite band. We were giving away meet and greet passes at the last minute once backstage opened up and we were given the "go ahead" for more people to meet the different artists. That's when we went to meet you all and look for those KISS lanyards you all got from us and awarded you backstage meet and greet as a last-minute surprise.

    Before the Hey Violet meet and greet, The Band Perry asked to meet the band. Yes, The Band Perry was starstruck by Hey Violet. I wish I would have known this happened so I could capture the moment. That's just so cool!

  • Crystal proposed at BMF
    Crystal proposed at BMF

    A Proposal

    I got a message on Facebook from Crystal a couple of weeks before Boise Music Festival. She was explaining that she had a ring and was going to propose at the place where it all began. They met at BMF and Crystal wanted to bring it back around to the start.

    At the bleachers near the edge of the grass, Crystal proposed with a henna tattoo on the inside of her hand and a ring with her girlfriend's birthstones embedded in the band - she said yes!

  • Flo Rida at BMF - Matthew Price
    Flo Rida at BMF - Matthew Price

    Performers Taking Selfies

    When BMF rolls around, you contemplate how you're going to get tickets. You can win them, you can purchase General Admission, you can opt for the Cool Zone or you can go for VIP. Is it really worth the cost? Ask Matt Price who's phone ended up in FloRida's hands while he took selfies and included the crowd.

    Flo sprayed champagne and shared it with those in VIP. He's not a selfish man - he's all about that party. Next year I'm TOTALLY sitting in VIP if that's what life is like!

  • Chris and Mateo at BMF - photo: Meagan Cramer
    Chris and Mateo at BMF - photo: Meagan Cramer

    Stage Crashing

    For at least a week before Boise Music Festival, Chris Cruise and Mateo at Night had planned to perform the 'Tap that App' song live. The two arranged for backup dancers, we all went shopping for unique outfits (obviously they were the best thing ever) and cleared it with security at the show for everyone to be backstage and then be allowed access to the stage.

    The day of Boise Music Festival, everything changed. We were told that nobody was going up on stage to perform - it was just us introducing the next act.

    While the DJs were on the KISS stage all day, we were trying to scheme and sweet talk our way into getting FloRida's people to want this 'Tap that App' song performed before he comes out. I mean, sure, I wouldn't want that kind of intro if I was a legit artist but for some reason this all seemed like a good idea at the time.

    Chris put the music to the song on every form of technology he could think of. We had a good conversation with someone backstage (they have to remain nameless for now) and it was looking up.

    Once it got to be the time of the (hopeful) performance, we all gathered at the bottom of the stairs that led up to the stage and were told we had more time than we originally though. This was great news! Chris and Mateo ran to get their outfits on in about 30 seconds. That's when the rest fell apart.

    All at once, there was no way to do the sound and Chris and Mateo were being urged to not take the stage. They found a way for the sound to (sort of) be played which was to have DJ Complex play the music from the other stage. It seemed like a good idea.

    Michelle and I went on stage to do a couple of announcements and then I handed the microphone to Kekeluv. He quietly said: "I don't think they want us to do this." I thought I had said the wrong thing. Chris and Mateo came running up to perform and it all hit me. OOOOHHHHHHHH, that's what he was talking about.

    They didn't want the performance.

    If DJ Khaled has taught me one thing is that we don't listen to "they". So we didn't. Watch the performance HERE.

    Should we have listened to "they"?

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