Folks who own Cherokees, Wranglers, Renegades and other members of the Jeep family have been scratching their heads when they return to their vehicles to find a rubber duck sitting on it. Why is it happening? We got to the bottom of it!

Apparently, the rubber ducks are part of a nationwide game called #DuckDuckJeep, meant to spread positivity and kindness to Jeep owners. To play, you simply leave a tagged rubber duck somewhere on a Jeep you see in public. The dash, fender, bumper or door handle works just find. The tag, either tied to the duck or written right onto it, lets the owner know that you think their Jeep is sweet and explains the game to them. The act of leaving the duck behind is known as "Ducking a Jeep."

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Once you duck the jeep you can stick around and wait to watch their reaction or leave with hopes that they'll share a photo of your duck on social media with the game's hashtags #DuckDuckJeep and #DuckingJeeps.

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Some states have Facebook groups dedicated to Jeep ducking, but it doesn't look like anyone in Idaho has set one up yet. Through a little sleuthing on Instagram, we were able to find a bunch of Idaho duck photos by searching the hashtag #IdahoJeepGirls.

It looks like Trent got ducked by the Boise Idaho Jeep Club.

Kimberly received her duck at Winco in Nampa.

The owner of Authentic By Design planned to duck over 100 Jeeps a few weeks ago. Ironically, while got ducked herself on one trip where the family stopped for dinner at Texas Roadhouse in Meridian.

Amanda got ducked with a Disney themed duck in Boise.

Jenque found this cool Robinhood duck on her Jeep at Lowes!

Are you a Treasure Valley Jeep owner who's been ducked? We'd love to see your photos! Send them to us through our app!

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