Sometimes I feel like we're spoiled because we get to live in Idaho.

We've always known how awesome our state is however, as the rest of the world discovers it, we tend to become more appreciative of the tiny corner of the world we call home.

Congratulations we have another reason to appreciate our stomping grounds. Boise was just named WalletHubs Top-10 Vegetarian & VeganFriendly Cities list.  Boise came in at lucky number 7 on the list. Portland tops the list at number one, Seattle is number 5 and Austin in number 10. Based on all the big city issues associated with the aforementioned cities I will take Boise all day, everyday. A huge salute to all the farm to table restaurants we have in our city, you are a huge reason for this place on top of the list. See the full list and methodology below. Also keep in mind that Oct.1st is World Vegetarian Day and Nov.1st is World Vegan day so you can celebrate accordingly.

"To determine the best and cheapest places for following a plant-based diet, WalletHub compared the 100 largest cities across 16 key indicators of vegan- and vegetarian-friendliness. The data set ranges from the share of restaurants serving meatless options to the cost of groceries for vegetarians to salad shops per capita."

The Vegetarian & Vegan Lifestyle in Boise (1=Best; 50=Avg.):

  • 18th – Cost of Groceries for Vegetarians
  • 11th – % of Restaurants Serving Vegetarian Options
  • 18th – % of Restaurants Serving Vegan Options
  • 32nd – Farmers Markets & CSA Programs per Capita
  • 37th – Juice & Smoothie Bars per Capita
  • 46th – Salad Shops per Capita
  • 27th – Vegetable Nurseries per Capita

Most Vegetarian- & Vegan-Friendly Cities

Overall Rank
(1 = Best)
CityTotal Score‘Affordability’ Rank‘Diversity, Accessibility & Quality’ Rank‘Vegetarian Lifestyle’ Rank
1Portland, OR62.4348211
2Los Angeles, CA57.3138159
3San Francisco, CA57.049814
4Orlando, FL56.0939439
5Seattle, WA54.529258
6Miami, FL54.3680319
7Boise, ID52.99221726
8Fort Wayne, IN51.4847634
9Oakland, CA50.39100181
10Austin, TX50.02181166
11Lexington-Fayette, KY50.0014667
12Tampa, FL49.9869832
13San Diego, CA49.8765756
14Irving, TX49.4858917
15Atlanta, GA49.41611328
16Lincoln, NE48.776846
17Chicago, IL46.76282448
18St. Paul, MN46.26314129
19Lubbock, TX46.25877N/A
20New York, NY46.1179651
21Cincinnati, OH46.09233155
22Scottsdale, AZ46.01561941
23Plano, TX45.90217023
24Long Beach, CA45.82783716
25Gilbert, AZ45.78493921
26Washington, DC45.78951015
27Anaheim, CA45.2583595
28Chandler, AZ44.87564025
29Denver, CO44.36681254
30Louisville, KY44.11204761
31Las Vegas, NV44.07361488
32Milwaukee, WI43.96294957
33Dallas, TX43.94305644
34Mesa, AZ43.66326033
35Nashville, TN43.57474630
36Phoenix, AZ43.54413349
37Madison, WI43.42511691
38Jersey City, NJ43.23259124
39Birmingham, AL42.90242285
40Indianapolis, IN42.89195471
41Tucson, AZ42.56442195
42Houston, TX42.43135778
43Sacramento, CA42.37842036
44Kansas City, MO42.36276153
45Irvine, CA41.86893612
46St. Louis, MO41.84552660
47Glendale, AZ41.78527222
48Laredo, TX41.64198N/A
49Pittsburgh, PA41.55673046
50Colorado Springs, CO41.41605335
51Aurora, CO41.37169618
52Hialeah, FL40.94669510
53Wichita, KS40.67107573
54Philadelphia, PA40.59713840
55Garland, TX40.321510020
56San Antonio, TX40.15126782
57Jacksonville, FL40.13635243
58Charlotte, NC39.98644250
59Cleveland, OH39.87436842
60Columbus, OH39.77347447
61Fremont, CA39.6099882
62Memphis, TN39.2378280
63Raleigh, NC39.19505552
64Reno, NV39.15852837
65Arlington, TX39.10359245
66Riverside, CA38.92822370
67San Jose, CA38.79973514
68Oklahoma City, OK38.50177974
69Albuquerque, NM38.39593279
70St. Petersburg, FL38.27864827
71Omaha, NE37.90426572
72Virginia Beach, VA37.66536265
73Toledo, OH37.4738375
74Bakersfield, CA37.46374498
75Detroit, MI37.04119076
76Norfolk, VA37.00547358
77Tulsa, OK36.9898086
78Corpus Christi, TX36.7829393
79Minneapolis, MN36.75872567
79Newark, NJ36.7594973
81Boston, MA36.74933438
82Santa Ana, CA36.68907813
83Fort Worth, TX36.38338759
84Honolulu, HI36.3296989
85Chesapeake, VA35.54409462
86Baltimore, MD35.45775063
87Chula Vista, CA35.20708131
88New Orleans, LA34.96742987
89Fresno, CA34.86762797
90Winston-Salem, NC34.61466992
91Buffalo, NY34.41584384
92Henderson, NV32.44737183
93El Paso, TX32.07458581
94Stockton, CA31.94725196
95Durham, NC31.81886364
96Anchorage, AK31.28915868
97Baton Rouge, LA30.66756490
98Greensboro, NC30.33624594
99North Las Vegas, NV29.96269977
100San Bernardino, CA29.86818669


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